What are the Best Spy Camera EyeGlasses or Sunglasses on the Market?



What are the Best Spy Camera Eye Glasses or Sunglasses on the Market? When I say “Best” I mean the following in order of priority:

Most inconspicuous
Best video quality (HD is a must, 1080p even better)
Battery Life (as far as I see, 2 hours is on the higher end)

Price is not a big issue, so please provide all answers which meet the above criteria.






Brickhouse is an excellent source for spy glasses. They offer spy glasses with video cameras AND spy glasses with the invisible rear view mirror, which is pretty cool. Obviously your looking for the spy camera version. :)

Battery life on spy glasses (as with most body worn spy cams) is going to be pretty limited. 2 hours is generally the max on a spy cam this small. However you can turn the camera off to conserve battery life. You might find that the higher resolution you require, the lower the battery life. High quality video drains the heck out of a battery, especially if the battery is small (like small enough to fit in a pair of glasses).

There are lots of other body worn spy cameras you can get though that will record HIGH RESOLUTION video and do it for a longer time.

One of my favorites is the coffee mug spy cam. You can carry that around with you anywhere and the beauty is you can even leave it sitting somewhere for a few hours (without suspicion). Spy glasses are easily detectable if your not wearing them. I’m not sure exactly what you want to use the spy glasses for but if you need a longer battery life on a spy camera with high def video that is portable you might consider venturing beyond spy glasses, cause you seem to have found the best you’ll find. The limit on the size of these devices is why you can’t find them with a longer battery life. ffer suggestions for certain situations.


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