What type of spy camera should I get?


Hi, every now and then my house gets Teepeed ( toilet papered ) or I get egged and I’m sick of cleaning it up. I’m looking for a spy camera that could catch the victim. My yard has a palm tree in the middle and a lamp post on the corner that has a view of my door. I’m looking for one that’s under 100$ and one that is wireless and waterproof and small enough so it won’t be noticeable also it would be really helpful if it could hook up to my Mac ( computer ). Thanks so much.




Quazimoto 1080. 2011 Edition

Pulok Khan

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you don’t need a spy camera, you need a security camera. If you hook the camera at your front door or windows you can use a webcam, it will be much cheaper. However for outdoor you will need a weather proof wifi security camera

if they come by at night your will need a IR or InfraRed camera for night time functioning so you can see the little bastards in the act. it is more expensive but it works well at night

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