Where would be the best place to hide a spy camera on a motorcycle?


Please!Where on a 1999 Harley Davidson,Heratige softail custom would a evil,vindictive,jerk, x boyfriend stalker,hide a spy camera and i dont know if its attatched or not but i hear his voice trying to scare me coming from behind the windshield.My hearing is off foom working in a machine shop,I am NOT CRAZY either.




well if the person you are spying on isnt going to feed the stuff that will make a video into the camera, and the camera doesnt touch him, and all you need to do is just drive by someone and get pictures of them, then they dont care so you should forget about it, and start a busineess with that person,..
i know a spy when i see them so idont care

bill b

Crazy people never think they’re crazy…you need to get some professional help.you are totally obsessed with this nonsense.

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